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AND other celebrities plus numerous Hollywood productions such as the "Scary Movie" Series


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Stephen L.

These are everything I could have dreamed of and More.  Thanks Again!

Jeff Mackens, Japan

Some of the very best laughs I've had in my life were because of this product!!  They are GREAT!

Used by the
Comedy Network

Stefan, Germany

Finally received in good condition. All well, my son is (and I) are happy, great sounds already created.  Wife is not so happy :-)


Again, thank you for the very nice contact and easy-going business!!  Appreciated it!!

All the best,

Ken Wiley, United States

I don't know if I told you, but I got my first one from Leslie Nielsen.  He gave Steve Maslow, Greg Landaker and myself one when we were mixing the first "Airplane" movie.  I am proudly carrying on his legacy.  Been slapped, yelled at, insulted and of course applauded for my efforts.  I've actually cleared an elevator which I'm quite proud of.

Ben M.

I gave one to a friend recently, and I have never seen anyone filled with more joy.  As a thank you, here's a video of me using two fartbags as castnets.

All the best,

Mr. Kelly

Like best: Settle for nothing less. There are a lot of imitations out there but get the original. As Mr. Neilson says; "I carry it with me everywhere". I do the same. Because if I don't have the Fartbag™ with me and find myself in that "perfect for time"? Trust me, it's not a good feeling. Buy one! It really is a gas!!

​Would recommend: Yes

​Anything to add: Just some advice; practice, practice, practice! Try different hands, move it around to find that "sweet spot", I will use petroleum jelly when at home. Lightly apply it on that "sweet spot". Or I also moistened the Fartbag™ when in public. Basically, try anything to get the perfect sound. Lastly, did I mention to practice?

Mr. Kelly

$360.00 for ONE Fartbag.


Reader's Digest version of a very weird medical saga.  Several years ago I was enduring a very "unusual" medical problem...I had seen doctor after doctor, visited clinic after clinic, research lab after lab yet still it persisted (I was becoming a regular lab rat)...I was about to give up when someone recommended seeing a highly specialized colorectal physician. The only problem was his location, the lower east side of Central Park, NYC...needless to say he was not in my  HMO network butt....


Made the appointment, calcium citrate the night before (yikes) hopped on the early flight to Newark, bussed to Manhattan then took a cab.  Pre-registered so I just waited 'til the nurse called me.  Doctor finally entered the exam room, we had a brief conversation then the proverbial command "drop your drawers, get on the table and lay on your side."  He did not know that I had a fartbag in my hand...anyway, he commenced with his sigmoid probing when I squeezed my fartbag then promptly apologized...he said no problem so he continued and again I squeezed it.  Doctor asked if I was alright so I told him it must have been the airline coffee so he waited a few moments before try three commenced when I did it again only this time he stopped, "Mr. (name omitted), I've been a colorectal specialist for 30 years and have never seen this."  I asked "seen what?"  He said "you're flatulating yet your sphincter muscle isn't flexing."  I held up my hand and squeezed one off..."this is why."


Nurse is laughing profusely when he stated "OH, I NEED ONE OF THOSE!!"  So I handed him mine..."compliments."   He stated "next week I'm participating in a colorectal conference in Las Vegas...this will be hilarious."  We finished up, I got dressed and proceeded to the checkout clerk...needless to say my insurance would not cover the $360.00 office call/exam so I took out my credit card  ready to pay the bill when she, looking through the file, asked "are you the fartbag guy?'  Answering affirmative...she said "doctor said 'no charge.'

That's a good deal.

No batteries needed ever, laughs guaranteed, makes a great gift
and no Special High-Intensity Training needed

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